TRAC Brochures

Riding On Air

Produced by Transport Canada, this brochure provides critical safety and environmental information for you and your tires. This pamphlet highlights the key steps in ensuring that your tires are properly maintained, including information about proper tire inflation, checking your tires for damage and wear, rotating your tires, replacing your tires, winter tires, seasonal tire storage, and how to read your tire sidewall. This brochure is available in both English as well as French.


Winter Tires Matter

Our Winter Tires Matter brochure outlines everything you need to know about winter tires and their benefits. This pamphlet covers information about driving in winter conditions, the benefits of winter tires, and when to install winter tires. This brochure is available in both English as well as French.


Did You Know?

Our Did You Know? brochure explains the importance of keeping your tires properly inflated and outlines six key reasons why you should measure your tire's pressure on a monthly basis. This brochure is a product of our Be Tire Smart - Play Your P.A.R.T. campaign and is double-sided to include both English as well as French.

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