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Membership Benefits & Opportunities

TRAC membership will be of most interest to those companies in rubber manufacturing or who supply goods and services to the rubber industry, or companies who provide rubber recycling services. We suggest you take a look at our current TRAC Members for insight into the type of companies we serve.

Briefly speaking, companies join TRAC for many different reasons but there are a few key features and/or activities that our members value the most, depending on the type of business they are involved in. For example:

Tire Companies‚Äč

Tire Market Information

‚ÄčOne of the most important activities TRAC tire company members participate in is the dissemination of tire industry data. Each month, each tire company sends their previous month's sales data to TRAC, which is aggregated, stripping off the unique company identifier to maintain confidentiality. The industry data is then shared amongst the tire companies so they can calculate their market share and understand key trends in the business.

Tire Statistical Committee

Tire company members may attend regularly scheduled meetings to discuss important trends within the industry.

Tire Technical and Transport Canada Liaison

Tire company members may also participate on the TRAC Tire Technical Committee to discuss issues of common concern and stay abreast of new or ongoing regulatory initiatives that impact the tire industry. To help keep members fully up-to-date on key issues, TRAC holds semi-annual meetings with Transport Canada, which members have the opportunity to participate in.

End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) and Producer Responsibility

TRAC has demonstrated leadership on this important subject matter over the years and members look to TRAC for advice and understanding on how to best exercise their legal obligations.

Other Rubber Manufacturers

Goverment Relations and Issues Management

Many rubber manufacturers look to TRAC to monitor and report on government initiatives that may affect their facilities or operations. TRAC has very good working relationships with all key federal and provincial authorities that may interface with their businesses, including Environment Canada, Industry Canada and the various provincial Ministries of Environment, etc. Learn more about some of our Industry & Government Relations. 


Networking and Issues Management

Affiliate members who supply goods and services are generally keenly interested in networking with rubber manufacturers and in gaining insight into the issues and challenges the industry faces. TRAC produces newsletters to keep members informed of the important industry issues, hosts several events over the year such as our annual golf day to encourage networking. We also hold major events including the Tire & Rubber Summit to discuss the important challenges we face as an industry.

Rubber Recyclers

End-of-Life Tires, EPR and Rubber Recycling Symposium

Over the years TRAC has taken a strong leadership role on End-of-Life Tire Management and has developed expertise and relationships across Canada and beyond. The Association created a membership class for Rubber Recyclers as a result of the interest from this sector which brings even more knowledge and expertise together for the common good of the industry.

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Email: info@tracanada.ca

Tel: (519) 249-0366

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