2020 Rubber Recycling Symposium

Our Rubber Recycling Symposium is tentatively postponed to 2021. We will publish and share information and updates about the event as they become available.


Just as the multitude of lighthouses dot the quaint coastline of Nova Scotia and light ships’ way to safe harbour, so too does the tire industry offer a beacon of light for other industrial sectors as we strive for a circular economy, rooted in making the most efficient use of resources—over and over again. Certainly, Canada’s approach to end-of-life tire management today traces directly to the Hagersville tire fire, an epochal event thirty years ago, and a pivotal moment that shaped both Government and industry’s thinking of what end-of-life tire management could or should be in Canada. 

And while it is reasonable to credit Canada with its efforts and demonstrated success in the end-of-life tire management, it is the innovators, entrepreneurs and risk-takers who are the true drivers of environmental solutions, the ones who develop processes to extract materials and who build markets to create economic value from what was once seen only as a waste stream.

Developing and nurturing a truly circular economy is much more than judicious use of the end materials. It includes up-stream efforts for sustainable farming of natural rubber and material extraction, replacing non-renewables with renewable materials, and making ever more efficient use of manufacturing resources to reduce environmental footprint. To this end, the rubber manufacturing industry is indeed the one showing the way. Today we celebrate our industry’s achievements knowing full well that sustainability efforts must continue.

We invite you to join us in this discussion as we embark on finding new and better ways to develop and nurture a circular economy and to achieve the vision of our host sponsor, Divert NS.

Please join TRAC, USTMA and Divert NS, in historic Halifax, Nova Scotia, as we look forward to hosting you at our Rubber Recycling Symposium!






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