What TRAC Does

Our Objectives

As an association, TRAC addresses the common issues and concerns of our industry and is committed to serving the best interests of our member companies. 

Our daily operations incorporate three key interdependent areas; Government Relations, Industry Data, and Consumer Education.

Government Relations 

TRAC has long served the industry in liaising with various government and regulatory bodies. Our role is one of keeping our members well informed of policies and regulatory issues that affect our sector, and speaking to the government and relevant authories with a single voice of the industry on matters of regulatory compliance, new regulations and other matters where a broader approach may be beneficial.

TRAC has been a strong advocate on behalf of our members on government and industry matters, on both a domestic and international scale. Our affiliations with a number of government and industry groups also allow us to help put our members in touch with the individual or organization that can best help answer their questions.

TRAC also works with provincial governments to establish Industry Stewardship Programs and other End-of-Life Tire (ELT) Management Programs, specifically for scrap tires. As an advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), we have developed a long list of contacts within the rubber recycling community and government circles to help members manage the waste they create. 

Learn more about some of our government and industry relations.

Industry Data

TRAC provides leadership to its members through a number of working committees. Through this structure, members can discuss issues affecting a cross section of the industry, can work together to share ideas, and identify problems and develop industry solutions that would otherwise not be possible. Members can also work alongside government agencies in areas of regulatory reform, compliance strategies and member education. 

Consumer Education 

TRAC is the industry's collective voice for educating consumers on the use of our members' products, both tire and non-tire, and about the importance of proper tire care and maintenance.

Through our national flagship campaign, Be Tire Smart - Play Your P.A.R.T., the Association communicates important tire care information to consumers to promote safety and fuel efficiency to ensure tires perform well and last longer. 

TRAC offers an array of materials and resources to communicate proper tire care information. The Association also runs two week-long Be Tire Smart campaigns per year in the fall and spring, during which time we conduct outreach to create public awareness about tire safety and proper tire maintenance.

Contact Us

Email: info@tracanada.ca

Tel: (519) 249-0366

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