Industry & Government Relations

Our Affiliations With Industry & Government Bodies

TRAC has long served the industry in liaising with various government and industry bodies. Our role is one of speaking to the government with a single voice on behalf of the industry on matters of regulatory compliance, new regulations and other matters where a broader approach may beneficial. 

TRAC has been a strong advocate on behalf of our members on government and industry matters, on both a domestic and international scale. Our affiliations with a number of government and industry groups also allow us to help put our members in touch with the individual or organization that can best help answer their questions. Some of these relationships include: 


Transport Canada (TC)

Transport Canada is the regulating body for tire safety in Canada. TRAC liaises with TC on regulatory and other matters of consequence to the tire industry. TRAC facilitates semi-annual meetings with the Tire Industry Technical Committee as well as ad hoc working groups. 


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Natural Resources Canada is responsible for the energy file and, among other things, the reduction of greenhouse gasses and toxic emissions into our environment. TRAC has consulted extensively with NRCan on matters such as vehicle fuel efficiency through tire maintenance and use of low rolling resistance tires.  


Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

Canada continues to negotiate with various jurisdictions towards bilateral trade agreements. These will have the effect of reducing or eliminating tariffs, thus promoting trade between Canada and these other jurisdiction. TRAC works with DFAIT in providing effective inclusion of tires and other rubber products in the global economic arena.


Industry Canada

TRAC liaises with Industry Canada on matters relating to strengthening the tire and rubber industry in Canada.


Health Canada (HC)

TRAC consults with Health Canada on the implementation of their “Chemicals Management Plan”, including coordination of a working group composed of government and industry representatives. This program encompasses the health impacts of substances used in commerce, including many used in the rubber industry.  


Environment Canada (EC)

TRAC consults with Environment Canada on the implementation of their “Chemicals Management Plan”, including coordination of a working group composed of government and industry representatives. This program encompasses the environmental impacts of substances used in commerce, including many used in the rubber industry.  

Provincial Governments & Agencies

In addition to our work with many Federal Government departments, TRAC is actively working with provincial jurisdictions, most notably with the Environment and Transport Ministries, as well as Economic Development. From time to time TRAC will also work with various other provincial agencies such as Workers’ Compensation Boards, Occupational Health & Safety Boards, Labour etc.


International Standards Organization (ISO)

TRAC is an active participant in ISO, working under the auspices of The Standards Council of Canada to develop and manage international tyre standards. TRAC holds the International Chairmanship and Secretariat of ISO Technical Committee 31, Sub-Committee 6, Off-the Road Tyres.  



U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA)

TRAC has a longstanding relationship with USTMA, working collaboratively on a number of joint efforts to harmonize regulatory approaches and best practices, including tire statistics, end-of-life tires, consumer education and chemical management, among others. 


European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA)

TRAC and ETRMA typically liaise on files involving trade, end-of-life tyres, regulatory harmonization and best practices. 


The Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JATMA)

TRAC and JATMA work together on respective ISO tire standards technical committees and share best industry practices.


European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO)

TRAC typically liaise with ETRTO on harmonization efforts for tyre standards.


The Tire & Rim Association, Inc. (TRA)

TRA is the industry body in North America that establishes the interchangeability standards for tires, rims and allied parts. TRAC has a longstanding relationship with TRA through our joint efforts to promote international harmonization of tire and rim standards.  


Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

SCC administers Canada’s responsibilities for the development and management of international standards through ISO. TRAC is responsible to SCC for administering the tire standards on behalf of Canada. 

Industry Groups

Canadian Manufacturing Coalition (CMC)

The Canadian Manufacturing Coalition is comprised of approximately 50 major industry groups, united by a common vision for a world-class manufacturing sector in Canada. The coalition speaks with one voice on priority issues affecting manufacturers, and what must be done to ensure all Canadians continue to enjoy economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs.


Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC)

CIAC member companies provide rubber processing chemicals and chemical management best practices to TRAC members. 


Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA)

CCMTA is an organization comprising representatives of the provincial and federal transport administrators who make decisions on admin and operational matters dealing with licensing, registration and control of motor vehicles.


Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CVMA)

CVMA and TRAC work together on extended producer responsibility matters affecting tires as well as common manufacturing issues through the CMC and with vehicle emissions efforts pertaining to low rolling resistance tires.


Tire Dealers Association of Canada (TDAC)

TRAC works with TDAC members on a regional basis in support of joint efforts with end-of-life-tires and other issues as they occur.  

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