The DOT Number

What Is the DOT Number?

Each tire, when manufactured, has a Tire Identification Number (TIN) which is imprinted on the sidewall of your tire. This TIN is also referred to the DOT (Department of Transportation) number.

Typically, the DOT Number begins with the letters DOT, followed by ten to twelve characters. The numbers and letters that follow the DOT mark represent the plant/location where the tire was manufactured, the size, pattern and brand of the tire, and the date of its manufacture. These are the numbers that will be required to determine if your tire(s) are the subject of a recall.

Where Do I Find the DOT Number?

Tire manufacturers imprint this Tire Identification Number (the DOT Number) on the sidewall of your tire near the bead area where the tire is fitted onto the metal rim. The DOT number is typically found on only one side of the tire and therefore, depending on how the tires are mounted, the number could be facing inward or outward. You will need to record the DOT numbers for all of your tires for use when completing the tire registration process.

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