How to Register Your Tires

Ways to Ensure Your Tires Are Registered Properly

It is important that consumers know that most independent tire dealers and distributors do not offer automatic tire registeration, nor are they required to register your tires for you. Tire manufacturers do however make the tire registeration process fairly straightforward and convenient for consumers to ensure that their new tires be registered upon purchased.

There are several ways that tires can be registered including retailer registeration when the tires are purchased, filling out a tire registeration card and mailing it to the manufacturer, and online tire registration, which allows consumers to register their tires from the convenience of their own home. 

Retailer Registration

There are some retailers who offer the service of registering your tires when they are purchased. The consumer must agree to provide their personal contact information so that they can be notified if there is a recall.

Tire Registration Cards

Upon purchase of your new tires, dealers and retailers will typically provide you with a pre-addressed tire registration card at the time of delivery and/or installation. Normally, the tire dealer will record Tire Identification Number (also known as the DOT Number) on the registration card for each tire that is purchased. However, it is the responsibility of the consumer to complete the registration card (name, address, etc.) and to mail it to the manufacturer so that your new tires are registered.  

Online Tire Registration

Many tire manufacturers have made the tire registration process easier and more convenient by providing online tire registration for their products. If you choose to register your tires online, you will need to have the Tire Identification Number (DOT Number) for the tires you purchased as you will be required to enter these numbers along with your name and mailing address into the electronic registration form for the specific brand of tires that you purchased. For a list of websites where you can register your tires online, click here.

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